The Void of "Love your Enemy"

The world has and idea from 2000 years ago in the Levant, the Bible story of "love your enemy".

But how many actually do it?

Martin Luther King Jr is pretty famous, and he was alive at my birth and I was born in Columbus, Georgia not far from where he was a preacher. And I feel confident his story is mostly true and factual. 

But isn't there a major silhouette and void of people who actually love their enemy? Both my parents, my brothers, all my extended family... I've witnessed them hold grudges and outright "grey rock" people  they don't like or outright hate. Same with women I've dated, my spouses... they never identified that they were making a choice with someone because of "love thy enemy" as a concept.  And then I start to really look around at public figures, celebrities, politicians... how many express this choice?

Daryl Davis who is a black man who befriends KKK members, he surely 'loves his enemy'. But how many really make this a model?

Same goes with the idea in The Bible story about "the least of these", and how the least successful person or poorest person is treated. And I find a similar pattern of silloute and avoidance by people, how they are repulsed by the "least of these" people.

I've spent 15 years in autism support groups, dozens of different ones, and the stories people tell about how they are treated by their family, jobs, friends, community are often pretty horrific. It isn't because they steal, or are violent, or anything like that - it is autistic people really annoy people. Gestures, mannerisms, communication style, fashion of dress, timing of speech, timing of s stress and rest, pacing - it really is repulsive. When terrible politician leaders or music stars and even serial killers have groups and fans who flock to them. Some of the politicians and the loyalty people have to them is really a sight to behold!  Yet, this silhouette exists around autistic people who are so repulsive that their own family neglects and  treats them as subhuman. You encounter these stories enough times it's hard to ignore.

I obviously can't put this into English.